We are an electronic development company from Romania, with the mission to make customized prototypes for the security of your business.

About us - Security Services

We come to the aid of individuals and legal entities with the development and intelligent solutions created to prevent and combat possible hacking attacks.

With over 14 years of experience in digital security, we can say that our expertise gives us a great advantage in the field of hardware development, robotics and networking. We have carefully amplified knowledge in the study of artificial intelligence, so every project and commitment we make to our customers will receive our full dedication.

Security Services

Why Avestim Software?

Although the extensive work we have done has improved our knowledge over time, we believe that learning never ends in the technological field . After fulfilling each new challenge, we are left with an even wider experience, which perfects our work.

We know that a security professional needs a well-defined technicality, this being a rich and constantly evolving field. We form a team of experts who can define the quality of our services at the highest present level.

We like to create a sense of security for those who choose to work with us, a certainty for their business, and a firm belief that the digital domain can be a place protected from threats and attacks.

Prevention is much less expensive than treatment!



Cyber security is the application of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, devices and data from cyber attacks.

Hardware Development

In this segment of technology, we rely on the actual construction of prototypes for security.

Networking and robotics

Our company offers indoor or street car park management services. This is essential, given the steady increase in the number of cars that require well-developed logistics.

Custom cloud services

Our company offers cloud servers, customized with security included and backup solutions for cyber attacks. How do cloud services work?