Hardware Development
In this segment of technology, we rely on the actual construction of prototypes for security. We aim to make it easier to work in the company and design different development boards (Raspberry PI3,4, LORA, Arduinon Nano, Pycom Fipy) that will be used in projects such as parking sensors, smart homes, smart refrigerators, smart cars, GPS locations for family members , etc,

1. Sensor systems for different fields of activity

Sensors are technical devices that react qualitatively or quantitatively by their own measurable quantities to certain properties of the environment. They can measure or record pressure, humidity, acceleration, force, sound intensity, proximity to a body, or movement. Sensor systems can be used in prototypes such as parking sensors, cars or in smarthomes

2. High performance electronics controllers and inverters

Inverters are used to power electrical appliances when the power source is different from that provided by the utility company, and controllers are essential input devices to control an object or prototype from a distance. Both are frequently used devices, and with the evolution of technology, they can be used very productively in the field of cyber security.

3. Building different prototypes for business

4. LED technology for lighting concepts

LED (light-emitting diode). These are semiconductor diodes, or small light sources accompanied by an electrical circuit. Lighting concepts of this type are very popular, being found in decoration or as indicators in electronic devices

5. Integrated systems

The role of integrated systems is to help organizations increase their efficiency, communication capacity and level of flexibility. It communicates with other systems, and thus new and modern solutions are born. Such systems are used in modern business to facilitate communication between employees, and to provide a level of order and control over the data circulating through them. We can say that it facilitates the work within the company for the efficient accomplishment of the tasks.

6. Integrated solutions such as DALI, DMX

Solutions such as DALI or DMX are among the most popular “lightning” control technologies. They are used in energy conservation, and are centralized or decentralized lighting systems. Used in areas such as emergency lights, sensors, dynamic or synchronized lighting effects. With different solutions, our team is at your disposal to decide which one suits you best and productively for your business.

7. Radio systems, bluetooth low energy, JenNet-ip, Zigbee.

These systems are used in communication within an organization, company, or project. Designed to use as little energy as possible, and with increased resistance, the systems create a personal network in a restricted environment for carrying out the activity.

8. Monitoring

In this segment we deal with the hardware part of the basics of monitoring such as cameras, microphones or global location devices.



Cyber security is the application of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, devices and data from cyber attacks.

Networking and

Our company offers indoor or street car park management services. This is essential, given the steady increase in the number of cars that require well-developed logistics.

Custom cloud

Our company offers cloud servers, customized with security included and backup solutions for cyber attacks. How do cloud services work?