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Using WhatsApp accounts and avoiding attacks through social engineering methods

In the last period of time in Romania there have been several cyber attacks that have targeted emails and messages through communication applications. It is …

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Infection of devices with malware by using the image of some banks in Romania

Romanian bank customers are still the target of cyber attacks by several methods, one of which is e-mail attacks. A user receives an e-mail informing …

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Flubot attacks – a variant of malware especially for users of the Android operating system

Flubot attacks are a variant of malware, especially for Android that steals sensitive information through SMS sent to users in Romania. Recently, users have received …

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Security guide for using Android devices in companies

Configure and secure devices with Android operating system Android is a mobile operating system developed and marketed by Google and used on various portable devices …

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Cyber security is the application of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, devices and data from cyber attacks.

Hardware Development

In this segment of technology, we rely on the actual construction of prototypes for security.

Networking and robotics

Our company offers indoor or street car park management services. This is essential, given the steady increase in the number of cars that require well-developed logistics.

Custom cloud services

Our company offers cloud servers, customized with security included and backup solutions for cyber attacks. How do cloud services work?