Custom cloud services
Our company offers cloud servers, customized with security included and backup solutions for cyber attacks.

How do cloud services work?

We offer solutions integrated in your own network from your office or home. This way, you no longer depend on paid data storage services. Your personal or business data is secure and you decide how it will be used. Encryption is done using military security protocols.


The server does not take up any space to interfere with business or personal activity, and can be stored anywhere. This storage is custom. Data backup is done daily.

For your convenience, personal data can be accessed regardless of location, from a phone or laptop / PC.



Cyber security is the application of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, devices and data from cyber attacks.


In this segment of technology, we rely on the actual construction of prototypes for security.

Networking and

Our company offers indoor or street car park management services. This is essential, given the steady increase in the number of cars that require well-developed logistics.